ImagineMD and Best in Class Care Join Forces to Empower Patients With Affordable, Accessible Healthcare

ImagineMD www.imaginemd.net a direct primary care medical practice focusing on cost-effective healthcare for employer groups of all sizes, and Best in Class Care www.bestinclasscare.com a pioneer in the healthcare industry offering direct contracting between organizations and a global network of world-class medical providers, are today announcing a strategic partnership.

“As medical costs are continuing to rise, patients and employers are looking for a way to lower costs while at the same time access the highest quality care,” said Alex Lickerman, CEO of ImagineMD. “With Best in Class Care as a partner, we can now offer what’s literally a global referral network for procedures that lie outside the scope of primary care.”

“We’re incredibly excited to partner with a direct primary care practice like ImagineMD,” Jeff Bohnson, CEO of Best in Class Care said. “Not only do we provide completely transparent pricing but also, and more importantly, we help the primary care physician remain involved throughout the entire care continuum. So now when the primary care physician is recommending a knee replacement, for example, using our platform that physician can identify the best-in-class surgeon and know the cost right there in the exam room.”

Both Lickerman and Bohnson agree their partnership demonstrates how different providers of healthcare services can work together to improve quality of care and decrease cost for the both the patient and employer simultaneously.

“It’s price transparency that’s going to bring healthcare costs down,” Bohnson said. “With this partnership, we’ve taken a huge step in bringing greater price transparency to a wide population.”

Lickerman agrees. “At ImagineMD, we’re continuously looking to form partnerships that bend the cost curve while simultaneously improving the quality of care,” he said.


About ImagineMD

ImagineMD provides extraordinary primary care service to patients to ensure improved health outcomes while also lowering overall plan cost and represents a response to the growing dissatisfaction patients are feeling with the U.S. healthcare system. With significantly reduced patient panel sizes (600 patients per physician compared to 1,500-4,000 patients per physician in traditional fee-for-service practices), ImagineMD is able to offer its patients world-class medical care with world-class, personalized customer service.

ImagineMD is currently accepting new patients. Please visit www.imaginemd.net to learn more.

About Best in Class Care

Best in Class Care, Inc. is a leading digital health marketplace that allows for direct contracting and dynamic pricing between risk-bearing entities and its network of local, regional and global providers. Offering Hub, Network, and Experience solutions, Best in Class Care has become the trusted partner of pioneering organizations determined to implement the required actions needed to make world-class healthcare affordable and available for all consumers. For additional information about Best in Class Care, visit www.bestinclasscare.com or email [email protected].

Press Contact:
Alex Lickerman

CEO, ImagineMD

[email protected]


Jeff Bohnson

CEO, Best in Class Care

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