Best in Class Care Expands Destination Medicine Platform to Africa through Infinite Health International

Best in Class Care continues to expand their global footprint by partnering with Rwanda based Infinite Health International. Infinite Health plans to extend the destination medicine platform throughout the continent of Africa to allow Africans to have easier access to affordable, specialized healthcare.

By implementing Best in Class Care, Infinite Health will be able to give more African access to specialized health services throughout the continent, a concept that disrupts their normal healthcare model. “Patients have a problem knowing where to get the best healthcare services at an affordable price. Healthcare is expensive and patients need to make informed choices of where they should spend their money. Patients go through a daunting experience of medical travel. Best in Class Care has a team of trained concierge that helps patients through the entire experience of medical travel,” says Infinite Health founder Dr. Richard Gakuba. 

Jeff Bohnson, CEO of Best in Class Care, is excited about this new partnership and sees this as another step forward in advancing the mission of Best in Class Care. “Rwanda has a great work force and a tremendous entrepreneurial spirit, so the platform fit seamlessly with their overall plan to shift the African healthcare industry”, says Bohnson. Bohnson plans on replicating this relationship with other parts of the world, ensuring that each region has a network of providers uniquely designed for the needs of the respective population. 


About Best in Class Care

Best in Class Care, Inc. is a pioneer in the healthcare industry offering direct contracting between organizations and a global network of world-class medical providers. Through their innovative digital platform, consumers can compare providers and prices to discover solutions that best fit their needs. As the healthcare industry shifts towards consumerism, Best in Class Care empowers health plans, employers, and consumers to make informed decisions and take control of their healthcare spend. For additional information about Best in Class Care, visit or email [email protected] 

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