Patient Saved from Unnecessary Surgery Due to Best in Class Care’s Provider Network

“Overtreatment in the United States,” a 2017 survey distributed to doctors apart of the American Medical Association, found that 11.1% of all medical procedures were unnecessary. In addition, 70.8% of the respondents believed that providers were more likely to perform unnecessary procedures if they could make a profit. The overtreatment trend has caused apprehension in patients, making them question if the procedures suggested by their providers are in their best interest. Best in Class Care experienced this first hand when one of their users was able to utilize the platform and consult with a provider in the Best in Class Care domestic network to determine that a suggested surgery was not the best fit for their condition. 

A local provider had told the Best in Class Care user that they would need multiple related orthopedic surgeries. After several visits and discussions regarding the procedures, the patient was feeling uncertain on if they should proceed with the surgery and came to Best in Class Care for a second opinion. After selecting their preferred center of care through the platform, the Care Concierge team at Best in Class Care facilitated a telemedicine consultation between the patient and provider and transferred their records to the surgeons for review. 

After reviewing the medical history and records of the individual, the surgeons decided that all surgeries were unnecessary given their condition. Instead, less invasive treatments at one of the patient’s local facilities would be sufficient. The patient appreciated that the surgeons were honest and put their health first and felt confident that there were clear next steps in place to treat the problem. 

Best in Class Care was extremely satisfied with this interaction as it showed that U.S. facilities in their platform’s network are making the switch to value-based and patient-centric care. By putting the patient’s health over potential revenue, they saved the Best in Class Care user several unnecessary surgeries and allowed the individual to pursue less intrusive options. One of the most impressive aspects of this interaction is that the provider did not charge the patient for the consultation. 

Best in Class care continues to add domestic providers into their network that hold themselves to the same standard as this provider. As the healthcare industry shifts towards a consumer-based market and puts and emphasis on value of care, their platform will enable patients to make informed decisions about their healthcare at a more cost-effective rate. 


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Best in Class Care, Inc. is a pioneer in the healthcare industry offering direct contracting between organizations and a global network of world-class medical providers. Through their innovative digital platform, consumers can compare providers and prices to discover solutions that best fit their needs. As the healthcare industry shifts towards consumerism, Best in Class Care empowers health plans, employers, and consumers to make informed decisions and take control of their healthcare spend. For additional information about Best in Class Care, visit www.bestinclasscare.com or email [email protected] 

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