Best in Class Care Partners with Group Health Cooperative of Eau Claire to Deploy New Destination Medicine Platform

Best in Class Care, a startup aimed to make affordable healthcare more accessible, has partnered with Group Health Cooperative of Eau Claire to roll out their new medical booking platform. Group Health, a Wisconsin based health plan with more than 70,000 members, is using the platform to give their members an extended network of medical providers for quality and affordable services.

Through the Best in Class Care digital platform, members can search their global network for highly skilled providers offering a specific medical service and compare packages based on price. Currently, the Best in Class Care network has providers in 15 countries, including the United States, Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Cayman Islands, Czech Republic, Belgium, Turkey, India, Singapore, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, South Korea, Philippines, and Taiwan. “We’ve known for years that you can get world-class care in other countries for a fraction of what it costs here, but my concern has always been that it be smooth for customers,” said CEO and General Manager of Group Health, Peter Farrow. With the 24/7 support from Best in Class Care, Farrow is confident that the platform and team behind it will simplify the selection and booking process. 

Group Health has already scheduled and sent members to international locations for various medical services. Farrow, the first patient to receive care from the platform, was very pleased with his experience and noted that the procedure only cost $600. With airfare and lodging for himself and another family member, the entire price of the trip was $3,100. This same procedure at a local provider in Chippewa Valley, Wisconsin would be double in cost. “People are really excited about this opportunity,” Farrow said. “There is a strong underlying frustration with health care costs locally.”

Jeff Bohnson, CEO of Best in Class Care, said the partnership with Group Health has already been successful. “The interest already exceeds our expectations, so we’re wildly excited by the response”, he notes. Bohnson said he plans on rolling out this platform to other health plans and self-insured employers to continue to make healthcare more accessible and affordable for all.


About Best in Class Care

Best in Class Care, Inc. is a pioneer in the healthcare industry offering direct contracting between organizations and a global network of world-class medical providers. Through their innovative digital platform, consumers can compare providers and prices to discover solutions that best fit their needs. As the healthcare industry shifts towards consumerism, Best in Class Care empowers health plans, employers, and consumers to make informed decisions and take control of their healthcare spend. For additional information about Best in Class Care, visit oremail [email protected] 

About Group Health Cooperative of Eau Claire

Group Health Cooperative of Eau Claire started over 30 years ago as a local thought and has grown into a nationally recognized HMO. A community-based non-profit health plan, the Cooperative serves more than 70,000 members in Western and Central Wisconsin.

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Jeff Bohnson

CEO, Best in Class Care

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