Best in Class Care makes accessing great care at a great price as simple
as it should be.
Price Transparency
Direct Contracting
Smart Technology
Best in Class Care accelerates an era where we think differently about health insurance
A healthcare marketplace that delivers a transparent, efficient, and simplified experience. Finally.

Quality Provider Network

Expand your choice of quality healthcare providers

Direct Contracting

Eliminate hidden, unnecessary costs

Bundled Medical Services

Avoid surprise billing

Transparent Pricing

Know how much it costs before you buy

Simplified Payment

Reduce administrative burden and expense

Known Consumer Experience

Let your employees easily shop for medical services and prescription drugs

Care Concierge Service

Rest assured with a skilled support team always beside you

On-demand Analytics

Know how much you've saved - in real time

Real Time Plan Design

Have a seat at the design table with no “behind the scenes”

Direct Primary Care

Offer employees patient-centered care with unlimited access

Virtual Primary Care

Give employees access to care from the comfort of their home

Minimal Vendor Management

Reduce stress on your HR team

TPA Integration

Ensure your TPA works for you

Rx Prescription

No Gamesmanship. The price is the price.

Care Concierge Service

Rest assured your employees are supported by a skilled support team

Best in Class Care Marketplace

Access a quality provider network
A health insurance plan tailor-made for you because it’s made by you
Best in Class Care Enterprise Technology

We’ve created a seamless, intuitive user experience for employers, employees, and providers.

Employer Calculator

Forecast savings and select your network providers

Personalized Treatment Plan and Itinerary

Follow a plan that's made just for you

Payment Gateway

Pay securely through our PCI-compliant system

Patient Savings Calculator

Calculate cost and in-pocket savings to become a savvy shopper of medical services

System-generated Reminders

Rest assured you won't miss any important step in your care

Bundle Builder

Use our simple tool to bundle and price medical services

HIPAA-secure Communications

Experience user-friendly messaging and file transfer for safe and timely exchange of information

Booking Engine

Easily coordinate travel with your medical services if needed
Something healthcare has never seen
Device Frame

What our customers say


Direct contracting with transparency means no waiting to get paid, no extra admin costs, and great customer satisfaction.


We offer a healthcare benefit that empowers the employee and reduces your overall spend.


Employees, the true payers of healthcare, share in cost savings while obtaining quality care.


We provide you with innovative, value-based solutions.


With Best in Class Care, you’re aligned with a partner looking to lower costs, not just move them.

Bringing value to our customers: Employers, Employees, Providers, TPAs, and Brokers

One goal: affordable healthcare for all.

Our Story

Best in Class Care was born of the idea that everyone has a right to great healthcare. That employers should have direct access to the information and resources they need to help employees and their dependents get the care they need. And that where you live or what you earn shouldn’t limit the quality of care you get.