Our all-in-one self-insured product makes accessing great care and transparent
pricing as simple as it should be.
No broker fees
No hidden costs
Best in Class Care accelerates an era where we think differently about health insurance

Curated Network

A dynamically priced provider marketplace

Direct Contracting

Cut through the clutter… why can't we all get along?

Direct Primary Care

Patient-centered experience with unlimited access

Virtual Primary Care

Care from the comfort of home

Health Savings Account

Shop wisely. Save more.

Rx Prescription

No gamesmanship. The price is the price.

Expanded Experience

A personalized care concierge service

Real-time Plan Design

Save time and reduce burden on HR
An Intelligent Healthcare Marketplace with NO MIDDLEMAN.

Enable direct contracting and dynamic, bundled pricing with our curated network of local, regional and global providers.


Real-time reporting to manage your population and healthcare spend

Bundle Builder

Easy to use template for bundling and pricing medical services

Payment Gateway

PCI-compliant pathway for secure payments

Patient Savings Calculator

Calculated cost and in-pocket savings for turning uninformed patients into savvy shoppers

HIPAA Secure Communications

User-friendly messaging and file transfer for safe and timely exchange of patient information

Known Consumer Experience

Easy, intuitive navigation

Multi-sided Marketplace

A transparent, efficient, and simplified healthcare experience – Finally

TPA Integration

Ensure your TPA works for you
We are using intelligent technologies to reimagine health insurance
Device Frame

What our customers say


Direct contracting with transparency means no waiting to get paid, no extra admin costs, improved yield management and great customer satisfaction…kinda like the rest of the world.


We have removed the complex layers of managing a self-funded plan, reducing the stress on your HR team. Now you know what you pay before you pay. Crazy.


Employees, the true payers of healthcare, share in cost savings while obtaining quality care.

We provide a multi-sided marketplace where employers, providers, and patients all benefit

One goal: affordable healthcare for all.

Our Story

Best in Class Care was born of the idea that everyone has a right to great healthcare. That employers should have direct access to the information and resources they need to help employees and their dependents get the care they need. And that where you live or what you earn shouldn’t limit the quality of care you get. Best in Class Care is a is a self-insured product built with one goal in mind: to make world-class healthcare affordable and available for all.